It all started 35 years ago when my mom went into labor with me while her and my dad were fishing walleyes on the Wisconsin River! Ever since then i was drawn to the water.. I grew up living on the Fox River in Illinois, where my parents often found me gone all day fishing wading and learning every inch of the river.
  I bought my first boat before i had a car and my friends found myself spending more time alone on the river than playing with them. Alot has changed since then except for my love for fish and the water! From age 15-25 i spent learning and targeting individual species from bluegill-sturgeon.
  10 years ago i fell head over heals in love with the elusive Muskie! This mythical beast took my breath away and has controlled my mind ever since. I now find myslelf traveling all over the country fishing the PMTT with good sucess, along side some of the best fisherman in the country! I have always been a pretty secretive fisherman up until just last year. I decided to start a youtube vlog in pursuit of helping people learn more about Musky and how to catch them, along with doing seminars for the same reason. I hope to keep on teaching while putting  whales in the boat on B&N Custom baits. I know you guys will do the same.


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